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Michael Eade - Artist in Private Collections - New York City Gallery
Over a ten year period I’ve consistently created landscape paintings in the egg tempera medium by re-composing landscape forms taken from religious and non-religious art; which exist in both Eastern and Western cultures spanning all art historical periods. Borrowed from works I have personally seen and experienced in museums, I also cull forms taken from books, catalogs and web research. Also incorporated into each painting are nature and landscape forms I have traveled to see and documented with a digital camera. Working intuitively through my process I transform all of these sources into newly formed landscapes, which resonate for me with meanings and symbolic feelings. Each painting also begins with a goal aimed at facilitating a similar reaction for those viewing my work. My landscapes are intended to invite viewers to embark on visual tours of an unknown yet familiar looking world becoming a part of their cultural and emotional consciousness.

The materials and manner in which I construct my paintings also create a familiarity for the viewer. Viewers often comment they perceive the influences of Christian religious paintings, Asian landscape art and Persian miniatures. Like the images I choose, these too have been reprocessed through my personal interpretations. Traditional colors and spatial concepts are sometimes disregarded to heighten the visual experience of the viewer pulling and leading the viewer’s eye.

The ancient painting technique of egg tempera utilizes the simple combined mediums of egg yolk, dry ground pigments and water applied to a gesso prepared wood panel or canvas. Egg tempera pre-dates oil paints and is considered by conservators to be one of the most stable and archival painting mediums.

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